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BIOL 141

  • Dr. Cynthia Wagner
    Department of Biological Sciences
  • Dr. Stephen Millerr
    Department of Biological Sciences
Student Resources
SI PASS Leaders
Portrait of Janvi

Janvi Madhiwala

Hi everyone! My name is Janvi Madhiwala and I am currently a Biology Major on the pre-medical track. I love taking biology and chemistry courses, and I especially enjoyed BIO141 when I took it. In this class, you will learn about the fundamentals of biology and I think you will gain an appreciation for the science of life. I am super excited to work with you guys and I hope you come out to my sessions!


1:00 to 1:50pm
ENGR 333

6:00 to 6:50pm
ITE 241

Portrait of Shukran

Shukran Babkir

Hello, all! My name is Shukran Babkir and I am a sophomore Biology major. As a Biology major, I realize the importance of understanding the concepts learned in core courses like BIOL 141 throughout one’s academic career. As your SI PASS leader, I am here to help you make the most of your learning experience and find academic success in BIOL 141. I hope to see you at my sessions!


2:30 to 3:20pm
ITE 456

2:30 to 3:20pm
ITE 456